Slim Williams

A sympathetic embrace of other cultures and people, coupled with avid spiritual curiosity, has led musician Warren “Slim” Williams to work across musical genres and with a multitude of collaborators. Indeed, over the years, he has shared the stage with artists as diverse as the Neville Brothers, Joe Cocker, Oscar Peterson, and Smokey Robinson. Slim’s […]

Joel Campbell

Joel Campbell was born and raised in London, England. He began classical piano tuition at the age of seven. After passing the grades required he then became a teacher at the school where he himself was tutored. Upon completing his college tuition, Joel graduated with a Business/Finance and Public Administration Diploma. He decided at the […]

George Pelekoudis

George Pelekoudis was born in Montreal. He began playing electric guitar at the age of 14. While studying guitar, he found he had an understanding and liking to working with music technology. By the age of 16, he was being asked to do sound at school auditoriums for bands that would perform in his and […]